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About Us

Smardan Supply opened on March 1st 1930 in the midst of the Great Depression by brothers Bill and Sam Smardan. They had previously worked for Silvers Pipe & Supply. Smardan's first location was in a defunct automobile garage in Los Angeles. The brother's first employee was a driver named Bill Weelo who took part of his wages by sleeping at Bill Smardan's house.

In 1948 the manager of the Grabler Mallable Co. Charlie Hatcher, wanted to start a business in Santa Barbara, with the Smardan brothers as backers and partners. And the Smardan- Hatcher Co. was opened. Unfortunately Charlie died in 1951 and the Smardan Brothers took it over. In 1953, Smardan-Hatcher Salinas was opened but because of a lack of business back then it had to close in 1955.

In 1949 Sam Benton, Billy's son in law, came into the business and in 1960 became a share holder by buying the Santa Barbara branch. 10 years later he would own the entire company. Since that time Smardan - Hatcher Corp. has grown to 6 branches under Sam's control.

Smardan Supply's original branch was moved from that old garage into a 2 acre facility in Gardena, Ca. Branches in Fountain Valley, Burbank, San Luis Obispo and El Monte were added over the years as well as more family Members.

Randy Benton, Sam's son and Rick Leoff, Sam's son-in-law came into the business in the mid to late seventies. They now server as CEO and President respectively. In the late 90's Rick's son's Brandon and Justin entered the business after college. Brandon serves as the Operations Manager in Santa Barbara while Justin is now the Branch Manager in Gardena. In 2008 Randy's son AJ came into the business after college and is now the Branch Manager in Fountain Valley.

Our management team is rounded out by Dan Contreras in Santa Barbara, Ruben Trinidad in Burbank and Lee Fabry in El Monte. All have helped make Smardan Supply the success it is today.